Project Publications  (PDF)

An updated and edited list of all Project on Medicine and the Holocaust publications, including books, chapters, articles and editorials.

Survivors of the Holocaust (PDF)

Survivors of the Holocaust include all persons in ghettos, camps, or hiding, those who assumed false identities, those who emigrated or fled the countries. All of these experiences significantly altered the courses of their lives and had different lasting effects. The articles in the document above pertain to all things associated with these survivors and their life since the Holocaust.

Transgenerational Effects (PDF)

The trauma inflicted upon Holocaust survivors is not limited to those who directly experienced the event. Above is a bibliography of articles and other publications on the effects including: incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), caring for the second and third generation of survivors, and possible therapies for the afflicted.

Holocaust Bioethics (PDF)

The medical ethics issues surrounding the Holocaust extend beyond the years of the Third Reich.  This annotated bibliography includes resources concerning Nazi perceptions of ethics, the use of the Nazi analogy, the legacy of the Holocaust in contemporary ethics and similarly, the lessons for current medical practitioners.

Eugenics (PDF)

Eugenics, or the "the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations" was first coined in 1883 by Sir Francis Galton. Since then, it has been used by various peoples to discriminate against various populations. These articles detail the development, Nazi practice and legacy of eugenics and the theory and practice of racial hygiene.

Euthanasia (PDF)

Along with the implementation of the Nazi eugenic ideology, came the euthanasia of children, the elderly, the terminally and mentally ill.  These resources contain general information about the Nazi program of euthanasia and the implications for  health care practitioners today.

Perpetrators (PDF)

These resources provide information and analysis of the Nazis as perpetrators.  There is discussion of the psychology of perpetrators, the enabling of mass murder, the moral responsibilities of perpetrators and bystanders, and the legacy of silence.

Psychoanalysis (PDF)

The abundance of literature with analysis of the Holocaust from a psychoanalytic perspective and psychoanalysis of survivors and their children and grandchildren is sampled in this bibliography.  This set also includes discussion of the role of psychoanalysis in Nazi Germany and some psychoanalytic history in Germany.

Miscellaneous (PDF)

This bibliography contains as yet acquired or filed resources and those pertaining to Nazi doctors, medicine in the camps and ghettos, Jewish physicians in the Holocaust, and other topics of ongoing research.