The project is constantly investigating various international print and online media, databases and archives for any information pertaining to medicine and its relationship with the Holocaust.

Ongoing Research Topics Include:

  • Medicine in the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Relevance of the Holocaust for Contemporary Medicine and Public Health
  • Medical and Psychological Care for Survivors
  • Child Survivors
  • Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma-Children & Grandchildren of Survivors
  • Pyschology of Resilience and Resistors
  • Pyschology of Rescuers and Bystanders
  • Pyschology of Perpetrators
  • Rabbinic Responsas on Medicine and the Holocaust
  • Jewish Physicians and their Function in the Ghettos & Camps
  • Medicalized Kiling and the Nazi Euthanasia Program
  • The Role of Physicians, Nurses, and Public Health Professionals during the Holocaust
  • The Role of Academic Medicine in the Third Reich
  • The Role of Physicians in Sterilization Programs
  • The Individual vs. the State in Medical Decision Making
  • Military Medicine, Dual Loyalty and the Role of Physicians in War
  • The Role of Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis in the Third Reich
  • Medicine in the Weimar Republic
  • Eugenics, Racial Hygiene, Social Darwinism and the Mentally Ill and Disabled- US, Britain & Germany
  • The Nuremberg Doctors' Trial
  • Human Experimentation and the Use of its Data
  • The Nuremberg Code and the Voluntary Informed Understanding Consent
  • Public Health Practices in the Third Reich
  • Genocides since the Holocaust and the Role of Medicine
  • Appropriate Use of the Holocaust Analogy
  • Teaching Medicine and the Holocaust